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Spotlight on Eloise, ETM-LA Partner School Student


Eloise (Photo Credit: Alice Baxley)


March 2021

7th Grader Eloise is a long-time student of ETM-LA’s music program at partner school Castelar Elementary. We spoke with Eloise about her band The Linda Lindas and their appearance in Amy Poehler’s new movie Moxie, along with her female role models and the impact of having music in school:


The Linda Lindas (Photo Credit: Zen Sekizawa)

What was the inspiration behind forming your band, The Linda Lindas?

I’ve gone to a lot of concerts since I was little, and grew up with the idea that anyone can play music and be in a band. At some shows, I even got to sing with bands! I’ve also taken music classes at school and outside of school. In 2018, I was asked to take part in a group project with Kristin Kontrol for Girlschool LA with my cousins Lucia and Mila and our friend Bela, and we went on to become The Linda Lindas.


What have been your favorite moments with your band so far? 

During this pandemic, I realize that just being with my band and making music is the most magical thing. I didn’t see how lucky we were to hang out with and be inspired by each other.


The Linda Lindas with Amy Poehler

How did you become involved with Amy Poehler’s new movie “Moxie”? Please tell us about your experience!

We got the opportunity to open for Bikini Kill at the Palladium, and Amy Poehler was there! Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer of Bikini Kill had seen a video of us covering their song “Rebel Girl” and invited us to play. Some people on the Moxie team thought we were too young to be in the movie, but Kathleen Hanna advocated for us, and said we were the only band that could do it! So they adjusted the script, and we got to skip school to record in a studio and be in a movie for the first time. Amy Poehler was really nice and there were tasty snacks on the set!

Can you share any female role models (musicians or non-musicians) you may have, and why do you look up to them?

Some really awesome role models are Kathleen Hanna, Phranc, and Alice Bag. Not only are they super inspiring musicians who sing about topics that matter and make a difference in this world, they are also really kind to my band and me.

How has having music class in school positively impacted your life? 

I learned how to play the cello, which I never would’ve been able to do otherwise! Music class is also such a fun part of school, and it allows us to use other parts of our brain and gives us all something to look forward to.

Have there been any key musical moments/experiences that have stood out in having music at Castelar Elementary?

In 5th grade, I formed a band for the school talent show! Mr. B, our music teacher, helped the other students and me learn our instruments and the set. After the talent show, we had the opportunity to play Save Music in Chinatown, a benefit concert for the music program, and on the blacktop for a morning assembly in front of the whole school! We saw teachers and office staff dancing!

What advice would you give to other young women who want to perform and pursue music?

Go for it and have fun! Even if you have no idea what you’re doing or think you don’t sound great, go for it, have a blast, and it’ll be awesome!


The Linda Lindas perform onstage (Photo Credit: Albert Lincano)


p.s. To hear more from Eloise, watch this throwback video of her explaining why Uhura is the best Star Trek character!