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Parents' POV

Read Parent/Guardian interviews & surveys about ETM-LA students and their music class

Lina - Believing in the value of music

Why do you feel studying music is important for Joshua and all students?

Studying music is vital for Joshua and all students because music helps children strengthen their communication, math, and problem-solving skills. It also helps children to focus, and develop teamwork.

I have been yearning for my children to play an instrument. As we have limited time and resources, learning to play instruments was considered a luxury.

I am very grateful to ETM-LA for providing a music program at Castelar Elementary School. Joshua and his older sister are playing violin thanks to ETM-LA. From the depths of my heart, thank you to ETM-LA teachers and staff for all your dedication and hard work.

Nancy - Mom who sees the impact

Why do you feel studying music is important for Isaac and all students?

Music has the capability to put your state of mind at ease. At home we all love music and music can set a good atmosphere to calm a person down.

Has music in your home changed since Isaac started Rock Band? If so, how?

Yes! I see Isaac enjoys coming home and sharing his experience of the different instruments and friends he has made in music class.

Has Isaac had any major challenges as a child that you are willing to share? If so, how do you believe music has helped?

My son is a sweetheart and can be very emotional. He even has anger issues at times and tends to shut down. His father got incarcerated when Isaac was 1 1/2 years old and over the years I think that triggers his emotions. I think music has helped him soothe his anger in a different way. Music is really a huge part of his life, as it is with all of us. Music has and does help my son. Thank you for my son’s music class.

Mireya - Music helps coping with emotional loss

You shared that your family dealt with an unexpected absence of a loved one. How did that affect Danica?

It took a toll on her. She was constantly sad, and for a while, it was very difficult to deal with her emotions. I am thankful that through choir, she has shifted her sadness to being happy and wanting to express her thoughts through music, writing, and acting. At school her grades have gone up, especially in math. I have also noticed when [she writes] she says the words in a rhythm.

José - Music in School

“If it wasn’t for the [music] program, actually I wouldn’t be able to put him in a situation where he’s singing, dancing, choreographing, something that he loves. He wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for the program in school.”

Donisha - ETM-LA Gala Performance

What I’ve liked about seeing the progress with Jayden and his relationship with music is his confidence and learning different ways to express himself. It’s bringing out a lot of talents that we didn’t know he had.

Kelly - Virtual Music Class

My kids loved the small groups, they thrive when their instructor encouraged active participation (which was pretty much all of the time), and they had so much fun learning about the different types of music. Their favorite part was learning how to scat!

Karina - Summer Music Program

I appreciate the opportunity you give them to learn more during summer break. It helps to build confidence. Also, having the instrument at home gives them a chance to practice their favorite songs and love the instrument even more. Thank you ETM-LA teachers. Your work is wonderful.