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Who We Are

As an East Coast native, founding Executive Director Victoria Lanier had worked extensively as a music educator and violin instructor for inner-city New York programs including ETM®, Carnegie Hall’s Weill Institute Seminar, and a Harlem-based foster youth program. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Lanier became immersed in the music scene and witnessed firsthand the lack of equitable in-school music education among historically marginalized Los Angeles communities. She founded Education Through Music-Los Angeles (ETM-LA), the first independent 501(c)3 nonprofit to bring the ETM® model and its benefits to Los Angeles youth. ETM-LA began programming in 2 schools reaching 800 students its first year to a planned 43 schools reaching approximately 19,000 students this 17th year.


Education Through Music-Los Angeles (ETM-LA) partners with under-resourced schools to provide music as a core subject for all children and utilizes music education as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school, and self-confidence.


Education Through Music-Los Angeles believes that every child deserves access to high-quality music education, taught by qualified and well-trained music teachers. Music can support learning in other key subjects, including math, science and language arts. Engaged parents and school communities are key to the success of students.

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Photo Gallery

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“After the concert, we wrote self-reflections and I was so glad to see that everyone felt pride and confidence during the performance. Those are skills that they will definitely carry outside of music class and into the rest of their lives.”

Joe Spoelstra

Music Teacher

“Giving children a chance to play music is something I will always support and stand for.”

Eyen Paredes


“Music makes my life better because it’s really, really fun, and it helps me get motivated for school, and when I’m having a hard time I can just practice.”



“I learned so much working with ETM-LA and other musicians to organize a community concert. I felt really good supporting a cause and organization that I care about.”

Maya Paredes