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Let's Make Great Music Together


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How Our Program Works

We believe all children deserve a well-rounded education that includes music.

Maximizing Student Potential

A student-centric focus on music education is at the heart of what makes our model unique.  We take a comprehensive approach to delivering our program at each partner school, ensuring sustainability and long-term success by:


  • Providing music as a core subject for every student at our partner schools
  • Configuring and supplying new music classrooms
  • Recruiting and hiring top notch music teachers
  • Offering a sequential curriculum meeting state and national standards
  • Mentoring and professional development for teaching professionals
  • Developing band and orchestra ensembles
  • Evaluating our program to maintain the highest-quality standards

ETM-LA's Unique Model



Strong principal leadership supporting sustainable, comprehensive music education


Qualified and well-trained music teachers with high-quality support and professional development

Parents & Community

Engaged and supportive parents build strong school communities

All Children Deserve Quality
Music Education

Every child deserves access to high-quality music education, taught by qualified and well-trained music teachers.

Educational Components

Music Education

Music is a core subject

Supports Learning

Supports learning in other areas, including math, science, social studies and reading

Improving Outcomes

Improves academic achievement, motivation for school and self-confidence

Why Music Education?

Learn More About the ETM-LA Program

From building a curriculum to training teachers, we are doing everything it takes to serve all children with high-quality music education.

What Others Are Saying

Principals, teachers, parents and students have great things to say about Education Through Music-Los Angeles.

“I like music so much because it helps me to calm myself down when I am stressed or angry and I feel is the only way to I can express my emotions out. Music helps me to remember things. Music helps me focus in school.”



“After the concert, we wrote self-reflections and I was so glad to see that everyone felt pride and confidence during the performance. Those are skills that they will definitely carry outside of music class and into the rest of their lives.”

Joe Spoelstra

Music Teacher

“Giving children a chance to play music is something I will always support and stand for.”

Eyen Paredes


“Music has shaped me. I practice and am more confident.”

Mae C