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Looking for a way to take action and to change lives with music education? We need your help.

We are looking for passionate people like you to help us make music education a core subject for all students.

We strongly believe that every child deserves a well-rounded education that includes music. Many schools, especially those in low-income communities, do not have the resources to provide students with a comprehensive music program. We are dedicated to ensuring that all children, despite economic or social status, get the education they deserve.

By volunteering, donating, attending our events, or simply spreading the word, you can join us to change lives and create education equity with music.


By contributing as a volunteer, you can make an impact in the life of a child.

Get Started

If ETM-LA’s mission resonates with you, there are a variety of ways you can take action to support our work.

Get Started

For only $150, you can provide music as a core subject for a full school year to one student. Donate

What Our School Communities are Saying

Principals, teachers, parents and students have great things to say about Education Through Music-Los Angeles

“I like music so much because it helps me to calm myself down when I am stressed or angry and I feel is the only way to I can express my emotions out. Music helps me to remember things. Music helps me focus in school.”



“I learned so much working with ETM-LA and other volunteers to organize a community concert. I felt really good supporting a cause and organization that I care about.”

Maya Paredes


“After the concert, we wrote self-reflections and I was so glad to see that everyone felt pride and confidence during the performance. Those are skills that they will definitely carry outside of music class and into the rest of their lives.”

Joe Spoelstra

Music Teacher

“Music has shaped me. I practice and am more confident.”

Mae C