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Cultural Equity and Inclusion Policy



Education Through Music-Los Angeles is committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in all areas of our organization. By being open to unique and shared experiences, ideas, perspectives, and strategies, we strengthen our ability to connect with and reflect the cultural richness of the communities we serve, allowing us to further our mission in a more effective, innovative, and relevant way.

ETM-LA continues to increase positive outcomes and create systemic change through providing multifaceted and culturally relevant music instruction. Our utilization of various teaching methodologies and strategies from across the globe and diverse sectors allows us to incorporate highly dynamic and robust curricula to fully engage our students, communities, and stakeholders.

To harness the full power of equity, diversity, and inclusion as a force to strengthen our mission, instruction, staffing, and the communities we serve, ETM-LA commits to the following goals:
● Promote equity in our services, programs, systems, policies, behaviors, and practices.

● Embrace the full range of teaching methodologies and learning styles to deliver the most effective instruction to each of our school communities.

● Commit time and resources to expanding the diversity of our board, staff, and advisory bodies to be more reflective of the diversity of American society and the communities that we serve.

● Encourage stakeholders, including board, staff, and other community partners, to engage in conversations about how systemic inequities impact our mission.

● Create strong partnerships with other organizations that share our commitment to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion.

● Provide effective and ongoing learning opportunities, as well as more resources and training, to our board, staff, and other partners regarding cultural equity, diversity, and inclusion.

● Be a public and vocal champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts and education sectors.


We Stand with Our Black Community

Education Through Music-Los Angeles was formed in 2006 as a solution to combat the inequalities of quality music education being provided across our most vulnerable communities – predominantly students of color from historically marginalized areas. We stand with our Black community and those around the nation in mourning the tragic loss of countless Black lives due to racial injustice. We continue to grieve with our Black communities. Black Lives Matter. We are committed to deepening our cultural equity and inclusion initiative and empowerment through music and the arts in order to create a more just, peaceful, and loving world.

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