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ETM-LA Board of Directors

Education Through Music-LA’s Board of Directors seeks members from a variety of backgrounds to govern the organization and lend their professional expertise, contacts and funds in support of ETM-LA’s mission. The full Board meets quarterly, with committees meeting throughout the year. To learn more about Board service, please contact ETM-LA to request a copy of our Board Prospectus.


Hear why a few of our Board Members have joined the mission:

Booker White, Board Chair – Supervisor of Music Preparation and Director of Music Library, Walt Disney Pictures and Television

“I’ve always been a musician and have lamented the fact for years that the decline of music programs in our schools directly correlates to the simplicity that the general public requires in their music these days. We’re losing our community orchestras at an alarming rate because young people are unable to appreciate complex ideas in music. ETM-LA is critical in exposing as many children as possible to a higher level of musical understanding and enjoyment.  It gives them a foundation for learning higher concepts and skills.”

Ed Helms, Advisory Board Member – Actor and Musician (The Hangover, The Office, The Lorax)

“When I was a kid…I was fortunate enough to go to a school where music was locked into the curriculum, elementary through high school.  It’s a real tragedy when kids are not exposed [to] and taught music at an early age. Education Through Music-Los Angeles is providing a solution and putting music back in our schools.”

Nancy Smith, Secretary – Partner in the Nossaman Law Firm’s Infrastructure Practice Group

“My love of music started in the school system, and I think every child should have the same opportunities to learn music in school that I had. ETM-LA represents a chance for students to expand their horizons, learn a joy for music, and possibly continue to play music as adults. I find it unfathomable that California does not have adequate funding for a school music program and am glad that ETM-LA is helping to make up the difference.”

Michael Giacchino, Advisory Board Member – Academy Award-Winning Composer (Disney-Pixar’s UP)

“What people seem to forget about child development is that while math and science are essential components of early education, so are the arts. In fact, I would argue that without a proper education in music and art, your math and science skills are harder to attain. A proper education in the arts is like having math, science, social studies and history all rolled into one. Music and art are not just frivolous playtime for the kids – it’s essential to a proper and well rounded education. It’s intrinsic to the life experience, teaching us to relate to our world in invaluable ways. That we haven’t done a better job educating the public about this is one of our great failings as a community.”

Joshua Bell, Advisory Board Member Grammy Award-Winning Violinist

“I believe in the power of music to help all children do better in school, so I get very excited about [ETM] that involves every student regardless of talent, or prior training, and has music as part of its core curriculum rather than outside it. That’s the way it should be done.”