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Back To School With ETM-LA


Welcome back to the 2022-2023 school year! We are looking forward to another great year of making music in our schools. We know the past couple of years have been challenging for students, teachers, and parents. As a parent myself, I struggled as to whether or not I could give enough support and guidance to my children while also being understanding to their teachers who were working tirelessly to pivot to a new type of teaching.  

Entering our 17th year, ETM-LA is excited to be going back in-person for the second consecutive year since the pandemic began. Upon returning to in-person music instruction last year, the pandemic exacerbated challenges across our schools in such areas as physical health and safety, mental health, social interactions, and a growing waitlist of schools.  

However, our incredible teachers rose to the challenge and found alternative ways to engage students in music making. Children are resilient, and the music classroom was and will continue to be that place where they can be creative, discover new things, and simply enjoy making music. Coming together to make music this next year has an even greater meaning. Having to isolate for so long and then returning to a year of still being apart within the same room was difficult for building life skills. Many children missed out on the opportunity to learn how to function within a larger community or social setting. As we look ahead, we are excited to once again present in-person concerts, play all our instruments, and bring people together within the school community. Students will also build the social skills of confidence and community building in their music classroom.

While things in this world are still uncertain, we are hopeful as we look ahead. What we can guarantee is no matter what happens, we will continue to bring the joy of music to the students we have the privilege of teaching.  

To help prepare parents and guardians for the new school year, here is an article that supports parents and guardians as they get their children ready to go back to school and the music classroom.

Deidre Racoma, Director of Programs
Education Through Music-Los Angeles


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Education Through Music-Los Angeles is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide and promote music in under-resourced schools as part of the core curriculum for every child in order to enhance students’ academic achievement, creativity, and overall development.

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