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Nominate a Staff Member of the Semester!

Staff Member of the Semester – Award Guidelines

Education Through Music-Los Angeles recognizes the accomplishments of its administrative employees.  Four individuals will receive the award each year.  The honor will be awarded the beginning of March and October for an outstanding Education Through Music-Los Angeles staff member from the six preceding months.

Nomination Process


Education Through Music-Los Angeles is proud to present a Staff Member of the Semester at the beginning of these months:  March and October.


Nominations of ETM-LA staff will be accepted from all administrative staff members.  Nominations are due by the tenth day of the month preceding the award months (i.e. February or September) or the next working day if the tenth falls on a weekend or ETM-LA holiday. Nominations will remain active for consideration for two consecutive quarters.


To promote our culture which embraces excellence, teamwork, mindfulness, advocacy, community and equity, the nominee must have furthered the mission of Education Through Music-LA by demonstrating effectiveness in these areas:  leadership, achievement of objectives and performance, work relationships, and service/client relations.

To be eligible for consideration, an employee must meet the following criteria:

– The nominee must have at least 3 months of continuous service with ETM-LA as of the date of nomination.

– The nominee must have received an overall rating of Meets Expectations on his/her last performance evaluation (To be verified by Human Resources).

– The nominee may not have received the award within the past 12 months.

– We invite you to nominate a staff employee (may include program supervisors; excludes the Executive Director).

The SMOS award winner will receive the following:

  • Certificate,
  • One day of paid leave, and
  • Check in the amount of $100.

Selection Process

Education Through Music-Los Angeles will host a three-member committee including the Executive Director, with the other two seats open to any ETM-LA employee. Terms will be for six months. To avoid conflicts of interest, the SMOS committee members may not submit nominations for SMOS and are prohibited from receiving the award.

The SMOS committee will select the award recipient based on the criteria of the nomination form which is as follows:

  • Leadership – sets appropriate goals for self and coworkers.
  • Achievement of objectives/Performance – achieves their objectives and/or objectives of their department to further ETM-LA’s mission, strives for the highest level of performance.
  • Work Relationship – promotes team efforts, communicates effectively, interacts well with coworkers/others.
  • Client/Stakeholder Relations – shows willingness to provide hands-on support at school/community events, engages with client service/relations both internal and external, and promotes our volunteer and/or community engagement.

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