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Happy 50th, Michael Giacchino!!

To Michael - We are so grateful for all that you do to give children hope through quality music education in school. Thank you for being our champion - you are a hero to us and children everywhere. On your milestone birthday, we want to present you with this video as a token of our appreciation. We wish you lots of wonderful adventures ahead!!



Because of Michael’s involvement…

  • ETM-LA has grown since its first year serving 800 students and 2 schools with quality music education to now reaching over 12,000 students in 25 schools.
  • Over 500 students have either received the opportunity to visit a film score recording session or have learned about the film composing process directly from Michael.
  • Music Teachers are able to receive over 100 hours of professional development per year.
  • Providencia Elementary School, which Michael adopts, boasts a comprehensive music program reaching every student along with a robust string orchestra program.
  • Children across Los Angeles will continue to realize their dream and potential through quality music instruction.

Quotes by MICHAEL GIACCHINO, Academy Award-Winning Composer & ETM-LA Advisory Board Member

I’d like to think that if you follow the things that you love and the things that you’re passionate about, you’re eventually gonna end up where you need to be and where you want to be. 

– What people seem to forget about child development is that while math and science are essential components of early education, so are the arts.  In fact, I would argue that without a proper education in music and art, your math and science skills are harder to attain. A proper education in the arts is like having math, science, social studies and history all rolled into one.  

– Music and art are not just frivolous playtime for the kids – it’s essential to a proper and well rounded education. It’s intrinsic to the life experience, teaching us to relate to our world in invaluable ways.  That we haven’t done a better job educating the public about this is one of our great failings as a community.


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