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In Response to Tragic Events



To Our Community:

We at Education Through Music-Los Angeles are at a loss for words and pour our hearts out to the families and communities affected by the tragic and deadly active shooting that took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. We are all processing the horrific acts of violence these past few weeks including the racially motivated tragedy in Buffalo, NY.

Our hearts are heavy and our thoughts are with the families, friends, and peers of each person lost or injured as they try to make sense of the incomprehensible.

Classrooms are supposed to provide safety. Yet, the tragic school shooting yesterday was a heinous violation of the fundamental right of children and teachers to be and feel secure in their schools.

As an organization, we pledge to continue to do everything in our power to ensure the health and safety of all teachers, students, and local communities. To continue the vital work our teachers and school partners are doing to bring hope, love, and compassion through music education, especially for marginalized communities and predominantly those of color. To foster an environment in which children can thrive and develop their innate courage as leaders who will bring about positive changes in this world.

Through responsively and responsibly investing in a child’s holistic education – including mental, social, and physical wellness – we commit to giving equity and access to a compassionate, comprehensive music education whose benefits far extend beyond the classroom. This work will continue for as long as it takes to stand up against any and all acts of violence – and racism against Black, Brown, Asian, & BIPOC communities – and we invite you to continue standing alongside ETM-LA in this fight to bring about needed change.

Together, we are stronger in removing barriers where they exist – to learning and growing responsively with urgency and unrelenting resolve. As a diverse community, we encourage all of us to extend compassion and support to one another.

In Love, Care, & Solidarity,

Victoria Lanier, Executive Director
Education Through Music-Los Angeles


School safety resources for educators and parents to help address trauma and support ongoing mental care:

If you or a loved one has been impacted by the recent traumatic events, the National Association of School Psychologists notes there are effective ways to talk with students and those affected:

  • Create a sense of safety by returning to normal, predictable routines as soon as possible.
  • Listen to their concerns and feelings.
  • Suggest they limit their use of media to lower their stress and maintain balance and perspective.
  • Realize that sleep difficulties are common and can lead to fatigue and poor participation.

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers (National Association of School Psychologists)

Addressing Grief: Tips for Teachers and Administrators (National Association of School Psychologists)

Parent Guidelines for Helping Youth After the Recent Shooting (The National Child Traumatic Stress Network – English/Spanish)

Trauma Guides & Free Resources (Child Mind Institute)

Grief, Anger, Fear: How Teachers Can Help Students Cope With the Buffalo Shooting

Some Teachers Feel Silenced on Racist Mass Shooting in Buffalo

Helping Children Cope with Frightening News (Child Mind Institute)

Coping in the Aftermath of a Shooting (American Counseling Association)

Trauma and Disaster Mental Health (American Counseling Association)

Teaching in the Wake of Violence (Facing History and Ourselves)

Supporting Employees in Coping with Community Violence (Employee Assistance for Education–EASE)

Mental Well-Being Resources (World Health Organization)

ETM-LA Partner School District Support Pages:

Bellflower Unified Support Page

Burbank Unified Support Page

Compton Unified Support Page

Inglewood Unified Support Page

Los Angeles Unified Support Page