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Transformation Through Music


“Where words fail, music speaks” – Hans Christian Anderson’s quote resonated deeply this past year. More than ever, amid the challenges across the world and in our local communities, music became a source of hope, connectedness, and transformation.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, forcing schools to physically close and our students to learn through online instruction, music and weekly distance music classes became a safe haven and outlet in which students could express their deep emotions. It furthermore became a beacon of joy and hope by which our school communities maintained motivation to attend school.

School partners at Education Through Music-Los Angeles shared that even through the pandemic, overall attendance in their schools did not drop as significantly when contrasted with schools without music programs.

Music’s ability to transcend time, generation, culture, and geography continues to manifest through the ways we as a humanity share and communicate – sending profound messages of love, devastation, nurture, melancholy, anger, empathy, and other feelings through notes, lyrics, and songs. At a time when words may fail to fully convey our experience –  all that we are enduring, perceiving, or sensing – music continues to open a dimension for soulful understanding, connectedness, and unity.

Despite any and all challenges, we remain resolute to ensure that all children, especially those in under-resourced schools and communities, can receive quality music education and its inherent benefits of providing joy, motivation, connectedness, and deep transformation. We remain responsive to the needs of our community towards a goal of equity and social justice through music.

Music and musical learning drives transformation – whether personal, social, cultural, physiological, intellectual, or emotional – enabling the discovery of one own’s voice and unique journey. Through music, children and adults alike gain such transformational elements including empathy, openness towards new perspectives, and love for self as well as for others.

We are grateful to you and each of our dedicated champions who continue to further music for all. We look ahead to the new year with hope. Let’s keep the music playing.


– Victoria Lanier, Executive Director