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Music Gives Confidence to Lead: Meet 6th Grader Jayden

Music makes me feel happy, confident, and motivated.


Thank you for your passionate commitment to furthering equity and access to quality music education in under-resourced schools across Los Angeles County. 

Students who start music education before age eight (8) are more hopeful about the future and score higher in key measures of positive youth development, according to recent research (Frontiers in Psychology, USC, 2023). Yet, less than 33% of elementary and middle schools across LA County have a full-time equivalent music teacher (LA County Arts Ed Collective). 

Jayden shares, “Sometimes I just have hard days. Music class [helps me] express my voice through different kinds of emotions, and singing makes me feel confident and motivated.” Performing at ETM-LA’s 18th Year Benefit Gala, Jayden recounts: “At first I was kind of nervous, but then when I started singing I warmed up to the stage.” 

Donisha, Jayden’s mom, shares: “What I’ve liked about seeing the progress with Jayden and his relationship with music is his confidence and learning different ways to express himself. It’s bringing out a lot of talents that we didn’t know he had and I’m looking forward to seeing the development in him. As a child growing up in Southern California, I did have some exposure to music classes so I think it’s important that we bring that back into schools. It gives kids an opportunity to broaden their horizons. Music is valuable for every student because music is really a part of life and a part of culture no matter what your demographic is.” 

Regardless of their age, ability, talent, or zip code, every child has a right to music in school as part of a well-rounded education. Because of your unwavering support, students like Jayden are provided with a way to access life-changing music instruction in school. Because of you, a child can have hope for a brighter future.


Give the Gift of Music


Your 100% tax-deductible donation increases positive youth development and impact by:

  • Providing high-quality, sequential music education to 40 schools and 19,000 children across Los Angeles County.
  • Strengthening the music education sector by increasing our Music Teacher Internship Program three-fold.
  • Offering over 100 hours of top-notch, comprehensive professional development for music educators and school leaders.






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