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Music Sparks Young Minds: Meet 5th Grader Celeste

“Music sparks my mind and has made me stronger.”


Thank you for your deep commitment to furthering equity and access to quality music education in under-resourced schools. 

Because of you, 5th Grader Celeste experiences joy and transformation through music.

I look forward to going to school every day, just for choir class. Music changed my life because it made me realize music is a way to let out my emotions. Music makes me feel free, calm, and like I can come out of my shell. I’m going to think about becoming a singer one day.

Exposure to music enhances neural connections in the brain, particularly in regions responsible for creativity and abstract thinking. By engaging in musical activities, students develop the capacity to think outside the box, find innovative solutions, and approach challenges from different perspectives (Medium, 2023). Music education creates well-rounded and holistically educated young people. Yet, 50% of PreK-12 schools in LA County do not offer ANY music education to their students (LA County Arts Ed Profile, 2023).


“I know music can help others if they just had access to a 
music class and teacher like mine.” 


Celeste’s mom recognizes the importance of music education for her daughter. “Since Celeste started choir, she is feeling empowered by her teacher and peers to speak up, stand out, and sing! It’s programs like ETM-LA and teachers like Mrs. Walsh who positively impact the lives of young children at a time when they are so impressionable.”

Your support has helped ETM-LA achieve milestones to date:

  • Over 50% of our Interns graduated to join the Music Teaching faculty this year.
  • Three (3) of our Compton partner schools graduated from ETM-LA’s model, hiring on our teachers full-time and sustaining their own music programs.


Because of your unwavering support, students like Celeste receive the life-changing benefits of music education.

Your support will continue closing the gap for under-resourced schools that remain deprived of yearlong music programs. 

Your 100% tax-deductible donation will help us increase our impact by: 

  • Expanding high-quality, sequential music education to 43 schools and 20,000 children across five LA County districts.
  • Offering over 100 hours of top-notch, comprehensive professional development and training for music educators and interns.
  • Providing over 420 hours of guidance for schools in our commitment to building long-term, sustainable music programs. 

Join our Keep the Music Playing Campaign through July 15th to help us expand our reach and spark minds through high-quality music education!

THANK YOU for your support of our mission to ensure that children like Celeste have hope for a brighter future through music. We could not do this vital work without you!