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Spotlight on Francis Lansang, Volunteer Coordinator

"Music makes my life better. It ignites all my senses and connects me with the people and the world around me."

Francis began volunteering with ETM-LA over eight years ago. One of his earliest volunteer activities included joining a small but mighty clean-up crew post-gala, back in December 2014. He signed up to help unload the U-Haul truck at 6:30am the morning after the gala. Since that moment, he has not stopped “rolling up his sleeves”.

As an actor and musician, Francis attributes the arts as having impacted his life and seeks to make a difference in the lives of youth. A natural leader who is beloved and respected by all, he inspires through his service and action – whether taking it upon himself to retrieve a child’s retainer from the venue’s dumpster, or waiting with a stranded music teacher in Hollywood who locked their car keys. Like a superhero, Francis shows up at the right place at the right time to save the day; no project is too small or large. 

Why are you passionate about ETM-LA’s mission?

I have come to understand the benefits of music education as a tool for learning and how valuable it can be for an entire lifetime. To provide this to students who might not otherwise have access to it, is one way to bring positivity to the world.

How has music impacted your life?

Music makes my life better. It ignites all my senses and connects me with the people and the world around me. It highlights moments and memories.

Can you share a time that impacted you while volunteering for ETM-LA?

After one of our winter concerts, I was handing out the surveys. I showed the survey to one of the mothers in the audience, one of the questions being ‘how our program has benefited their child at home,’ then continued to explain how we use the feedback to help improve our program. Her face lit up as she asked me for two more- one for her husband and one for her mother. Almost as if she were earning us points by filling out more than one survey!

What is the most rewarding part of being ETM-LA’s Volunteer Coordinator?

I get to hear from prospective volunteers, how our mission resonates with them, and learn what they’re passionate about in their own lives. To know that these people will be joining our team, with their ideas and enthusiasm, makes me feel proud to have this responsibility.


On February 9th, the Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation presented the 2022 HALO Award to the six recipients across Los Angeles, including ETM-LA Volunteer Coordinator Francis Lansang. Each year a HALO Award Selection Committee, comprised of local nonprofit and Foundation leaders, volunteer their time, thoughtfulness, and expertise to select the recipients of the award. 

Congratulations, Francis!