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In the Groove with ETM-LA’s Summer Music Program

  With the summer days finally arriving in Los Angeles, most teachers and students have already begun vacationing from the classrooms. However, not all of us were able to stay away from the atmospheric sounds of classroom music. In fact, we were back in our element; teaching, nurturing, and creating an environment for students to …

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How ETM-LA Champions Celebrate Black Music Month

  What are some ways you amplify and celebrate Black music throughout the year?         I produce concerts throughout the year, especially in February, that highlight the contributions of Black artists and the sociological impact of the music. I teach a music history class that delineates the impact of Black music on …

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Choir Students Learn Maori Proverb Through Music

Exploring Tama Tu Terri Olson Walsh, Choral/General Music Teacher   My Choir Ensemble (4th & 5th Grade) first encountered Tama Tu, a song from New Zealand by the Maori People, on YouTube presented by a South Korean Choir. This arrangement beautifully conveys the joy of movement through a healthy lifestyle of staying active; the choir …

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