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Bob Lesoine

Bob Lesoine was born in San Francisco, California in 1946. He was a music major (Percussionist) at San Francisco State College where he graduated in 1968 with a BA in Music. He later attended the University of San Francisco where he attained a Cal State (K-9) Multi-Subjects Teaching Credential in 1974.

Bob has 35 years of classroom teaching experience in California and New York. He’s been a keyboard and percussion music instructor at New Roads Middle School, Santa Monica, a classroom music teacher and choral instructor at Hollywood Little Red School House, Horace Mann School, Beverly Hills, and Rhinebeck High School in New York. He currently teaches private child and adult piano students on Zoom as well as weekly group children’s Zoom piano classes through the Pasadena Parks Department. He’s also a vocal coach for aspiring adult vocalists. He plays piano, guitar, drums, and is an accomplished vocalist.

He’s taught children from diverse cultural backgrounds extensively through the SAPPA organization (Student Audition Performance Preparatory Academy). For the past several years he has taught percussion, guitar, voice, and keyboards to underserved populations and children of color through SAPPA where he is a “Master Teacher” and his direct supervisor is the famed African American jazz pianist and educator Billy Mitchell

Outside of the classroom Bob is a songwriter and composer. He has composed lyrics and music for Broadway Musicals including “SNATCHED—The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers Musical” and “Last Night at Playland” He received a Master’s Degree in Education from Cal State Los Angeles in 1994.

Bob is also a freelance writer and blogger and posts a weekly blog at “City of Blue Trees” on Facebook. He is married to his beloved wife Amy and lives with her and their wonder dog “Frisbee” in Culver City.