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Music Health & Wellness


As we all make our way back to in-person school, Education Through Music-Los Angeles strives to create musical activities and experiences that will benefit all students in their mental and physical well-being. For this reason, we have designed the Music Health & Wellness segment, which will be offered during our summer programs.

Music Health & Wellness is an educational program designed to assist in the process of bridging the gap and counterbalancing the drawbacks currently impacting the well-being of our children. The program’s clinical-based structure provides a variety of activities that will contribute to the educational and personal development, and psychosocial emotional well-being of every student.

Program activities may include: 

  • Hello – Students get to know each other while sharing their favorite “Topic of the Day” 
  • Feelings Check-In – Students get to share how they feel while the instructor assesses any at-risk situations to be further reported and addressed
  • General Music Education – Students develop musical knowledge and skills in all music education standards through a sequence of a variety of activities and assignments 
  • Instrument Performance – Students get to experience and learn a variety of basic instrument performance skills 
  • Singing Performance – Students learn basic vocal singing skills and perform age-appropriate songs 
  • Moving to Music – Students get to enjoy mood and energy-induction music activities that will assist them in the process of relaxing or energizing the body and mind 
  • Staying Safe and Healthy – Instructor will provide up-to-date and age-appropriate information on how to stay safe and healthy. Students will also get a chance to exchange ideas and express themselves within this topic 
  • Good-Bye – A time to recapitulate


-Ricardo Hurtado, Music Teacher / Therapy Specialist