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“Music lets you express your feelings inside of a song.”

– Joshua, 4th Grade


Joshua, 4th Grader, has always loved music. He can remember tapping on a keyboard at the age of two. However, it wasn’t until he started creating his own songs through Education Through Music-LA that Joshua found his spark.

“Music helps me to communicate to other people musically, or through song, what I could not communicate verbally. It helps me to express personal feelings and helps me to better relate socially with other people when they come to listen and enjoy my compositions,” he shares.

Joshua reflects, “Music lets you express your feelings inside of a song.” Hear more from Joshua. 

Music education is a catalyst; it improves academic achievement, motivation to excel in school, and self-confidence. Joshua’s mother confided, “Music has created many friends for Joshua. It has helped him socialize with other people more and more. At home, music keeps Joshua busy and active, as he is always trying to make personal, original compositions. At school, it has sharpened his critical thinking and reasoning, and many people are marveled by his creativity and originality.”

Thanks to supporters like you, Joshua’s innovation, creativity, and passion are nurtured through quality sequential music instruction as part of a well-rounded education.

Join our Keep the Music Playing campaign today to help us expand our reach to serve 35 schools and 15,000 children in our upcoming 13th year. Your 100% tax-deductible contribution will support long term, sustainable music education programs and provide equal opportunities for children to find their voice. Together, let’s ignite that spark for more children, like Joshua, throughout Los Angeles!

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