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Spotlight on Board Member Ingrid Burger

1.     What is your occupation and job position?

IB: I am a doctor and my specialty is Radiology.  I interpret imaging exams that patients have such as fetal ultrasound, CT and MRI scans, and mammograms, etc.  I am also involved in resident education, meaning that I teach residents specializing in radiology how to interpret exams.

2.     How did you find yourself in the profession? Why?

IB: Growing up, I was interested in medicine and wanted a profession that was service-oriented and challenging.  I went to medical school, where I gravitated toward radiology as a specialty because I enjoyed the challenge of visual diagnosis and broad range of pathologies that radiologists deal with.

3.     Tell us about your upbringing with music, and how that helped shape that you are today.

IB: Everyone in my family is a good amateur musician, so I grew up surrounded by music.  My mom played piano, my dad sang in our church choir, and when my older brother started to take violin lessons, I wanted to do that too!  I was fortunate to attend public schools in Tempe, Arizona, which had strong music programs.  I really enjoyed participating in the school orchestras, as well as community orchestras in addition to taking private lessons.  Many of my closest friends were in the orchestra, so it was a great social outlet for me, in addition to being a creative outlet – something totally different, fun, and beautiful.

4.     What inspired you to join ETM-LA’s board?

IB: I knew that I wanted to do something that will help me give back to community and it was also very important to me when I was giving back that music be involved.  Fellow Board Member Tim Davies actually introduced me to ETM-LA and their mission, which is how I knew that this was what I wanted to be apart of. I wanted to be able to give back to schools that [currently] do not have the kind of strong music programs I had growing up.

5.     Why is ETM-LA’s mission important to you?

IB: Music was important to me growing up. I believe that all kids should have an arts education. I believe that through an arts education music can provide a well-balanced opportunity for children.

6.     Are you still playing music? In what ways?

IB: Yes I am! About a year ago I started up on private violin lessons. I find my lessons to be fun and always believe that I can increase my skill level.  I played in several chamber groups in college (string quartet in med school), and I have always played during and after all schooling. However, I am currently looking for a chamber group!