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ETM-LA Celebrates Dia De Los Muertos with Disney’s Coco


Contact: Katie Moskovciak
Phone: (818) 433-7600


On October 23, 2020, during ETM-LA’s second At-Home Family Hour Series, Composer Germaine Franco shared a behind the scene’s look at the music from Disney Pixar’s Coco. Franco shared her inspiration for the music throughout the movie and encouraged the kids to “be grateful to your family and teachers and people who are supporting you. Remember you have a community of people supporting you.”

Federico Ramos, who was the guitarist for the main character Miguel, performed “Remember Me.” Ramos expressed his love for the movie and his thoughtful approach for the music. “Germaine made an effort to make all this music authentic. This is Mexican music.” During the Q&A, he shared that “the greatness of other players/singers/composers” inspired him when he began guitar at 14 years old. He also added, “But there’s something to be said about an education and working really hard, that is what makes you good. Work hard at it and be inspired.”

The final performance of the Family Hour was by Singer and Actress Holly Sedillos, singing a song from the film Coco. Sedillos shared about her musical upbringing and how important music was in her life as a student. She urged the kids that music is “a gift that you’re giving to other people. People need music.”

Head of Music Preparation for Walt Disney Studios Booker White also spoke with the families about music education and them for their support and resilience through this trying time. Event hosts ETM-LA Executive Director Victoria Lanier and Dir. of Community Affairs & Partnerships Gary Shields expressed gratitude to everyone for joining the wonderful event celebrating music, culture, and hope through music.

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