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A Real Connection

As the world “becomes smaller” and people connect globally through networks, social media, and online platforms, we are seeing robust sharing of knowledge, cultures, and ideas in more ways than ever before. This era presents us with lightning speed access to data and new forms of learning and technology with the mantra that faster, bigger, and having a “wider reach” are virtues by which we should operate. Yet, through the pursuit of interconnectedness, how are we nurturing the true need and innate desire for children (and adults alike) to make a deep, personal, and lasting connection with others?

It is through music that we can find such meaningful relationships.

Music’s power to transcend generations, cultures, and geographies is evidenced all around us. It creates bridges across diverse communities and time periods by which we as a humanity can experience shared moments of elation, melancholy, love, and jubilation. From the Beatles to Beethoven, film soundtracks to live concerts, country to hip-hop, we are able to find something that allows us to connect on a deeper level.

However, the study of this common, universal language in schools continues to remain tenuous at best and needlessly dependent on the continuing evidence of its inherent merit. Education Through Music-LA seeks to provide a comprehensive solution which includes restoring high-quality instruction back into disadvantaged local schools while advocating for music as a core subject and a right of each student.

For it is through learning music – diving deep in its multi-cultural roots and heritages, diaspora, and theory – and discovery of one’s personal and collective voice that students gain such life skills as empathy, communication, and openness towards new ideas and perspectives. Students take musical risks in exploring new sounds: how altering one simple note in a chord can drastically change the mood from melancholic to triumphant, how tempo and dynamics affect what the artist is trying to convey, and how each ensemble member’s individual contributions impact the whole group. It is here where they learn to make real connections.

We are grateful to you and each of our dedicated champions who continue to further our mission.  In just the last three years alone, Education Through Music-LA has been able to double  our reach. Your partnership enables more students in our local communities to benefit from the positive, lasting outcomes which music provides.

As children learn to listen critically, to analyze sound, and to build new modes of expression, they are acquiring tools that will help them relate better to others. In turn, they have greater opportunity to develop into mature, thoughtful leaders who are able to broaden their understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them.

The world just got smaller.

– Victoria Lanier, Executive Director of Education Through Music-Los Angeles