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Spotlight on Student Janice

We recently caught up with student Janice and her mother, Judith, to talk about the importance and impact of music education.

Q: Judith, how have you seen music impact Janice?

A: Music brings joy to Janice. I have seen Janice develop a special love for music from when she was little. It makes her very jolly and happy. Learning music has taught Janice to be very creative. She listens to a song once and she can already harmonize with it. At home, she keeps herself entertained by listening to especially gospel songs which she learns and can easily perform anywhere readily once called upon. It helps her to be a fast learner and be very attentive, since she always wants to sing correctly. She can even tell when someone is not singing the right note and helps correct it. Music helps Janice socialize easier with her peers. It has also taught her to be very bold since she knows that she has to be performing before audiences of all kinds. I personally notice that her listening skills are more sharpened due to her music education background.

Q: Has Janice had any major challenges as a child that you are willing to share? If so, how do you believe music has helped?

A: Janice has faced major challenges and turmoil at home which have resulted in feelings of abandonment. I have personally witnessed that all music activities keep her happy, jovial, and make her forget her plight. She is part of the Youth Valley Chorus and she always looks forward to the practices every Sunday and the concerts. Whenever she comes home from school, the only teacher she talks about is Mr. Carney, her music teacher. If she has any take-home letters to give to the parents, her focus and priority is any letter involving a music activity or ETM-LA field trips!

Q: Why do you feel studying music is important for Janice and children?

A: Music enhances listening, social, and cognitive skills. Music is involving and creates the spirit of teamwork. Music is entertaining and healing to broken hearts. Music is a way of communication.

And most importantly, once a child indicates a liking or a special talent in music, it is important to help them develop it further. It could be their destiny or a future career. It is important to start encouraging it at a younger age. Certain skills like voice training, playing musical instruments, and any other musical skills, are more easily attainable while still young, since the mind is still very fresh.

What Janice had to say about learning music:

Q: Why do you like singing? Can you share how it makes you feel?

A: I like singing because music makes me feel happy when I am sad.

Q: How has learning about music changed your life?

A: Learning about music is awesome because it shows how one can express their feelings through music. It has taught me that I can communicate through music.

Q: What is your favorite music to listen to?

A: I like to listen to hip-hop music and relaxing music, like Mozart and Billie Eilish.

Q: What kind of career might you be interested in exploring someday?

A: I would like to be a doctor.

Q: What is your favorite subject in school?

A: I LOVE MATH!!! Math is my favorite subject.

Q: Are there other things you like about your weekly music classes? 

A: I like playing the recorder and learning new songs.

Q: How does music help you connect to other classmates and people?

A: It creates team spirit and helps me to associate with others.

Q: We understand you also sing in your community choir.  Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about why you like singing and learning music?

A: I like music because it makes me want to dance, and dancing also makes me feel happy.