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Spotlight on ETM-LA Siblings Renata & Rogelio



We recently caught up with ETM-LA Student Renata and her brother Rogelio (ETM-LA Alumnus) to talk about the impact of learning and playing an instrument.

Q: Renata, what sparked your interest in music?

Renata: My brother. He plays and practices a lot, and I like going to his classes and recitals. I think it had a big influence because I wanted to be part of playing an instrument. Rogelio helps me tune my cello and he helps me with new songs. Sometimes we even play together.

Rogelio: She chooses a piece and we work it out. She helps me out too. It’s really nice.

Q: What made you pick the cello?

Renata: I’ve been playing the cello for six months. I thought it was a nice instrument, it sounded great.

Q: Renata, what do you like about playing music?

Renata: Playing music is really relaxing. It calms me down a lot.

Q: Rogelio, how have you influenced Renata?

Rogelio: I played violin and I think she wanted to experience the joy of making music together. We hold concerts at home for the family.

Q: How have you been able to keep up with music during the pandemic since you’ve been staying at home?

Renata: Last week I finished the online summer music program. It helped me to keep playing cello so I don’t lose it. I learned new songs and met people with the same interests. It was really fun – the teachers were really nice and we learned a lot of things.

Q: Rogelio, how long have you been in music class?

Rogelio: I’ve been in music class and playing violin for about four years.

Q: How has playing violin helped you in school with other subjects?

Rogelio: I think music has a way of relaxing us in some subjects and connecting with us in other subjects, like math. It’s really helped me with math.

Q: Have there been times where you wanted to give up but you persevered? What made you keep going and continue with the violin?

Rogelio: I was feeling a little down because when I was practicing I couldn’t really sound the way I wanted to and I got really frustrated. But I listened to music and really thought about it, and decided to keep going.

Q: Rogelio, what advice would you give to Renata?

Rogelio: Don’t give up, and enjoy every little piece you play. It’s a great experience.

Q: Renata, what advice would you give to other students who want to start playing music and take music class?

Renata: Really feel your playing and have fun – you don’t have to be professional. It can be just fun, like a hobby.