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Wil Brumbach

Wil Brumbach is a professional composer, producer, and guitarist currently residing in Los Angeles.  A graduate of the prestigious Thornton School of Music at USC, Wil has studied with the likes of Pat Martino, Paul Jackson, Jr., Pat Kelley, Richard Smith, Tim Kobza, and Steve Trovato.  With influences ranging from Paul McCartney and John Mayer to Hans Zimmer and John Williams, Wil’s eclectic taste in music is apparent in his composition and performance style, fusing all of his influences into a unique palette. Prior to moving to LA, Wil taught Middle School Band and Orchestra near Washington, D.C. 

As a guitarist, Wil has performed in various settings across the globe in such places as The Kennedy Center, Blues Alley, Studio Theatre as well as in Florence, Rome, Madrid, and Barcelona.  Known for his versatility, he is experienced in all kinds of music from Classical, Jazz, and Commercial.  He currently writes music for television shows and holds a position at Remote Control Productions.