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Sean Carney

Sean Carney is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA. He holds a BA in Music with a choral emphasis from Western Michigan University. Sean currently teaches K-5 Music at Ingenium Charter Elementary through ETM-LA. Sean has taught in Los Angeles through the SLAM program and No Limits For Deaf Children. Sean has won several Downbeat magazine student music awards in the Pop/Rock/Blues category as a writer, producer and guitarist for his collegiate band, Compendium. As a performer, he has toured the world several times over with his a cappella group, Uncommon Ground and as a guitarist for Persian-Pop legend, Mansour. After successfully funding a kickstarter campaign, Sean released his debut solo album “Constellation” on June 21st, 2016. He describes this album as being a retro-futuristic space pop album, but there are undertones of rock, jazz and soul sprinkled throughout the record Sean lives in Sherman Oaks with his incredible wife, Katie, and two cats, Berlioz and Socrates.