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Ricardo Hurtado

Ricardo Hurtado MT-BC, NMT is a Music Therapist Board-Certified graduated in the University
of Georgia. He holds a certification in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT), a research-based music
therapy specialization that implements standardized clinical techniques for speech and
language, sensorimotor and cognitive training.
In addition, Ricardo has been working with children in music education and performance
settings for more than 25 years. Ricardo is specialized in working with children with disabilities
and meeting the needs of a wide variety of special needs populations in educational and
therapeutic settings.
Along with a long-term commitment to helping students discover and develop their artistic
music skills, Ricardo has been particularly passionate in discovering new and innovative ways to
combine music therapy and music education approaches. For this reason, Ricardo has
developed the CYBERSTRA™ Method (formerly known as the Cyber Orchestra Method), a music
education virtual orchestra program designed for mainstream classrooms to teach essential
music-ed concepts and standards and to facilitate a learner-friendly keyboard-orchestra
ensemble experience with specific modifications to special learners.
Furthermore, Ricardo served as conference presenter at the Music Meets Medicine Conference
2019, Molloy College NY, hosted by the Interdisciplinary Society of Quantitative Research on
Music and Medicine (ISQRMM); where he presented research findings done in collaboration
with the University of Georgia music therapy director. In addition, Ricardo served as Special
Education clinician at the California Music Educator Association (CMEA) Southwestern Section
2019 Conference, Azusa Pacific University CA.
Ricardo currently works as a General Music Teacher/ Therapy Specialist and Children Choir
Director at Education Through Music – LA. In addition, Ricardo oversees the special needs
education department and provides continuous training and support to teachers in special