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Ricardo Hurtado

Ricardo Hurtado is a fully-bilingual Board-Certified and Licensed Music Therapist.  He graduated from the University of Georgia with a BA in music therapy with an emphasis in special needs music education. Along with the director of the music department at the University of Georgia, Ricardo conducted a research investigation on the benefits that music education can have in children. Furthermore, Ricardo was invited by the Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine (ISQRMM), to present his research’s findings at its “Music Meets Medicine Conference 2019”. His research finding will be published and available on the ISQRMM website. In addition to his passion for finding innovative music education approaches, Ricardo developed a music program and methodology which combines music education and music therapy modalities and which has been fully implemented in different organizations. Ricardo currently teaches K-5 general music in Hooper Elementary and oversees the special education and therapy department in ETM-LA.