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Ralph Watkins

Born in Torrance California, Ralph Watkins II had always been a lover of music. Growing up mostly through self teaching and participation through public school activities, Ralph was able to fall in love with most forms of music on his trumpet voice and trombone. Ralph went on to college where he received and AA in music while pursuing wide arrange of fields including jazz studies, performance, classical performance, symphonic performance, Latin performance, arranging,  songwriting, composing, and conducting. While in college Ralph honed his craft in teaching private classes as well as group ensembles ranging from 5th grade to high-school, up to 20 members at a time. Using his experience and connected Ralph has performed with countless big name performers including, Earth wind and fire, BTS, John Mayer, Micheal Mcdonald, Jackson Browne, Kamas Washington and many more. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ralph used his time and energy to apply himself and learned about the art of song producing and mixing songs in a studio as well as learned a plethora of wind instruments at a beginner level including ukulele, piano, sax, flute and clarinet. When Ralph isn’t working hard spreading his love of music, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, supporting friends and artists or making and creating wood or metal crafts.