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Lissie Quishenberry

Lissie Quishenberry piloted the First Experiences in Choral Singing ensemble, now in its 10th year at the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus, where she also instructs young conductors in their 7th and final level of musicianship training. She is certified in Orff and Kodaly pedagogical approaches, is just finishing up her single-subject credential in music through CSULA, and recently completed year 2 of the 3-Summer Master’s in Choral Conducting program at CSULA under Professor Donald Brinegar, Dr. William Belan, and Dr. Christopher Gravis. She greatly enjoys bringing all of this information and experience to her music classrooms, as well as choral and teacher training settings. For the record, her favorite days in elementary school were Wednesdays, because she had both her piano and her violin lessons on that day.