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Andrew Mason

Andrew is a Los Angeles based musician, composer, and teacher who moved from Boston in early 2018. Andrew has always loved music from a very young age. He started taking piano lessons at the age of five and continued playing all the way through college where he graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in music technology. Since moving to Los Angeles, Andrew has worked as a composer on a number of projects including commercials, short films, and the Apple+ original television show Home Before Dark. Searching for more ways to cultivate a musical career, Andrew decided to pursue teaching and began interning for ETMLA in October. As an intern he has been in the classroom with other more experienced teachers to get a feel for different teaching methods and learning what it takes to become an inspirational and effective teacher. Once a week at McKinley Elementary School, Andrew leads the kinder gardeners and first graders in some piano led exercises where he thinks of new ways to reinforce some topics already discussed by the teacher in previous lessons. Furthermore, Andrew teaches one lesson at the end of the day mimicking a lesson that the teacher had taught to one of the earlier classes. Overall Andrew seeks to make the classroom a fun place for kids to come learn the wonders of music! On his own time Andrew enjoys playing music with friends and just being outdoors whether that be hiking, golfing, surfing, or spending a day at the beach.