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What Kind of Music Ed Advocate Are You?

Start the quiz below!


You are a ROCKSTAR Music Education Advocate!

You have seen the need for music education in schools and you are doing something about it. You have a love for the arts and a passion to share it with the younger generation.

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You are a BIG FAN Music Education Advocate!

You have a big heart for Music Education, but you just need to know where and how to get involved to make a big impact. Your appreciation for the arts has been waiting to take action.

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#1. In 2019, what percentage of CA students were enrolled in music class at school?

A low number isn’t it? Education Through Music-LA (ETM-LA) is here to fix that. Our mission is to provide music for every child. We strive to partner with more schools every single year.


#2. Arts Education mandated by the state of California for grades 1-12.

Section 51210(e) mandates the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), which states that  music, dance, visual art, and theater be included in the school curriculum for all students in Grades 1-6 Section 51220(g) mandates that the VAPA be offered to all students in Grades 7-12.

How awesome! Unfortunately, there is little enforcement or support for schools to provide Arts Education for every student.


#3. Why do thousands of California schools lack Music Education?

Many school districts and leaders know the power of music education in schools. Unfortunately, schools in low-income  areas have had to make numerous cuts to their programs just to stay open. ETM-LA partners with under-resourced schools to offer high-quality and sequential music education for every student, at a shared cost with each school.


#4. Have you made a contribution to keep music in schools with ETM-LA?

We truly appreciate our supporters! Give the gift of music donate here!


#5. Have you ever volunteered for ETM-LA?

We love our volunteers! Visit our Volunteer Page to learn more!


#6. Do you drive with a California Arts license plate?

Drive the Arts! Proceeds from the plate help the California Arts Council put arts programs in CA schools. Get Your Arts Plate.


#7. Do you follow ballot initiatives to further equity and access for students to receive in-school Arts Education?

Sign up here for updates on the new ballot initiative to further equity and access for students to receive in-school arts education!


#8. Do you follow ETM-LA on Instagram and/or Facebook?

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#9. Have you ever spread the word about Music Education through social media?


#10. Do you volunteer at or work for an Arts/Music Education organization?


#11. Are you currently or have you ever been a Music Teacher/Instructor?

Interested in teaching with ETM-LA? Do you know anyone who loves music education? See our up-to-date Music Teacher job listings.