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Making Instruments from Home


1) Using the scientific method to identify how different materials and densities can affect pitch

    • Glass bottle activity: hypothesize low/high pitches based on water levels 
    • Tapping bottle / Blowing air through bottles (will be tricky, but leader can have one set)
    • Variations on this? ________________________
    • Materials Needed:  Empty Snapple Bottles, _____________

2) Using observation to classify materials into instrument categories

3) Building instruments (using measurements, rulers) from household items (boxes, fishing wire, rubberbands).

    • Create Guitars out of household items 
    • Materials Needed:  USPS medium boxes, PVC pipe covers, wooden sticks (pre-drilled holes), large thick ribbon, binder clips, rubberbands, etc. 
    • Comb Saxophone:


ETM-LA Making Instruments with Students (click on the link below):