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2022 Summer Academy: Presenters

ETM-LA Presenters

Guest Presenters

Keith Terry

Keith Terry is a percussionist/rhythm-dancer/educator whose artistic vision has straddled the line between music and dance for more than four decades. As a soloist he has appeared in such settings as Lincoln Center, Bumbershoot, NPR’s All Things Considered and Morning Edition, PRI’s The World, the Vienna International Dance Festival, and the Paradiso van Slag World Drum Festival in Amsterdam.

From 1998 to 2005 Keith was on the faculty at UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures, where he designed and taught a dozen courses on the relationship of music and dance; deep listening; synchronicity, time, and timing; and intercultural communication in the arts. Currently, Keith Terry is the Founding Director of Crosspulse, a 32-year old Oakland, California-based arts organization dedicated to rhythm-based intercultural music and dance.

Dr. Ric Alviso

Dr. Ric Alviso is an ethnomusicologist, and he has conducted fieldwork in Africa and the Southwest United States. He has studied and performed music from many music cultures, including Shona and Mandinka music from Africa, Indonesian gamelan, Albanian folk music, and various Latin American and Native American styles. As a composer, he has combined elements of Western and non-Western traditions with an emphasis on microtonality.

He is currently on the music faculty at Santa Monica College, in addition to his assignments at California State University, Northridge. He is the author of “Multicultural Music in America: An Introduction to Our Musical Heritage” and “Musical Aspects of the Corrido, the War on Drugs: and their Convergence in a Federal Prison.”