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Alex Collie-Hartmann

Alex Collie-Hartmann, Mentor Teacher-Supervisor, holds a Bachelors in Music Education with an emphasis in choral music from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. He is certified Level 2 in Kodály from the Kodály Association of Southern California (KASC). He teaches music to all ages and has been with ETM-LA since 2014. As a teacher, Mr. C teaches general music with an application in Orff and Kodály. His primary instrument is voice so students focus on singing but also have supplemental instruction on ukulele, recorder, xylophones, djembe, and various other classroom instruments. As a Field Supervisor he supports the ETM-LA teachers in the classroom through mentoring, evaluation, and continued growth to maximize student learning. When not in the classroom Alex focuses on curriculum development and teacher training.